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   Marla has been called 'The next big Canadian voice'.  This audacious, West coast, urban ingénue has translated her unapologetically open, emotional energy into a sound that has drawn comparisons to everyone from Beyoncé, to Tori Amos, to Sheryl Crow.  Marla is a massive energy, from her huge, evocative vocal, to her lightning fast whit, her presence, warmth and charisma are a Chinook wind in Mid February. She is undeniable.   

  After graduating with a BA in Opera, Marla moved to S Korea for 4 years, where she played in a little fire trap, downtown Daegu every week to a packed house of loyal followers, who almost certainly had no idea what she was saying, but showed up every Friday without fail anyway.  She then moved to Nashville for a year to learn about the business side, before heading back to her Canadian roots.  Her Vancouver team has included Miles Foxx-Hill (VanMorrison, Michael Bublé), Laura Hill and George Blondeheim (KD Lang)

  Marla is currently working on her new project, a lyrically poignant, soulful offering.  She is exploring new territory in Neo-Soul and trip-hop, as well as a new lyrical freedom that her mother would likely NOT approve of.